Monotype Hero Image

Monotype, which runs Fonts.Com, features hero images that designers create every month for certain typefaces. I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Arruda at Fonts.Com to create this hero image that was used on their front page. The typeface that was assigned was called "Memphis." After doing my research on Memphis, I discovered that B.B. King had a recording studio, Blues Boy Kingdom, on Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee. After reading more into what he did at his studio, and listening to his beautiful jams, I had to create the hero image that was inspired by the one and only. 

Hero Image Illustration


Above is the typeface, Memphis, which can be found on Fonts.Com. 


Below is the day that my hero image was released on the front page of their website. It's still on the website in the archives, but it was a thrill to see this featured front and center.