Make Your Own Magic

Mitch over at Humbly Made Brand is a good friend of mine. We met through a mutual friend and have admired each other's body of work for a while. When 2016 started, there was a discussion among our group of friends about projects and collaborations that everyone wanted to act on. What Mitch did though, was *actually* act on his big idea, and he did it quickly. He created The Designer Series, which is a monthly series that features a designer who can create something that inspires them on a daily basis. The purpose of this is to share the inspiration with the community. After the design is complete, he will do marketing for it for two weeks to get pre-orders, and if the t-shirt get's enough pre-orders, he will screen print them in the studio of my good friend, Lenny Terenzi of Hey! Monkey in North Carolina. 


Full T-Shirt

Above is the full t-shirt that was offered in Mens & Women's sizes. 

iPhone Wallpaper (zoomed in)

Along with promoting the t-shirt, we released desktop and iPhone wallpapers that viewers could download and use for free!

February's Tag

Each month, the t-shirts get a special tag to let buyers know that they're getting a special run shirt.