The Blacker the Berry

Did you catch it? No? This project was a beer that was inspired by a line from Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly Album. The line is "The Blacker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice." A local brewer decided to make a batch of one of his experimental beers, and called it The Blacker the Berry. It was a rich beer that was full of blackberries, and this lettering became the only solution for him. Since this wasn't going to be bottled, he wanted a logo (and sticker) created for this one of a kind beer, and this is what I created. It's rich colors reference the flavors of the beer, and the script letters that flow into each other represent the rich smoothness that it had. 


The Blacker the Berry Stickers

These were stickers that were handed out to brewery customers that ordered this beer. 


Full Logo

Custom lettering was created for The Blacker the Berry. 


Process Shot

Here is a glimpse into my lettering process, which requires lots of tracing paper and ends in dirty hands.