Curious: eager to learn or know; 
inquisitive; made skillfully.

I'm Brittany, a designer and illustrator residing in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Just Curious embodies everything that I believe in; to create a curious life, and not be afraid to push the limits. In design and illustration, it is incredibly important to not be afraid to take a piece to the next level, and that only happens when you follow your curiosities. As a creative, I am here to help you build something incredible; a beautiful brand to showcase all of the blood, sweat, and tears you put into it, to illustrate the story you've been working on for years, or maybe to add a little extra sparkle to the article you wrote. Just Curious is here to collaborate with you and to create an unforgettable experience, by working with you along the way and following all of the curiosities that pop up along the journey. 

Just Curious offers design and illustration services. Curious about how we can work together? Please fill out the form below to set up an intial phone consultation to discuss your project.

Instagram: @JustCuriousCo