Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

The Ypsilanti Heritage Festival has been around for over 35 years. It's one of the city's biggest festivals that brings out families every year to learn about the history of Ypsilanti and to meet the community. Every year, they hold a contest for the poster artwork that will represent the festival. Not being a fan of contests, I did enter this one because my love for Ypsilanti overruled my dislike of contests. After days of mulling over this illustration, I submitted this poster and it became the artwork for the 34th YHF. Community members posted it all over the city, and made it known that this particular poster was the best poster that the Heritage Festival has ever had. 

Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

Town Detail

Above you'll see the details of the businesses that are located on Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti. 

Texture & Detail

Above you'll find subtle textures used to differentiate between the buildings, as well as the color palette that brings the entire illustration together. 


Bomber Detail

This showcases the shops on Michigan Ave, as well as the Bomber Plant that was a huge source of work for women during World War II in Ypsilanti.