Illustration : Canton Public Library


Sticker & Pin Illustrations

This project has been done for a while and I have been DYING to show you! If you've taken a look at my work, you've probably noticed that I've worked with the Canton Public Library quite a bit. I have and it's because I absolutely adore them. As a child, reading was what I always wanted to do. In high school, I would read at least two books during the week, and then at least one over the weekend. Books were an opportunity for me to escape to another world and learn about it, to learn how others think, how they speak, and how they view the world. 

To this day, reading is a very important part of my life. My apartment has three bookshelves in the front room and each shelf is full. I have two shelves in my office and those are full too. The shelves on the sides of my desk are bursting with books. To me, books are magic. 

When Laurie reached out to me to collaborate on this project, I was jumping with joy. The entire concept behind this was to create designs that people of all ages will want to wear to support their library. They do a lot of outreach and are always trying to engage their community so that people can be aware of how beneficial the library can be at any stage in their life. 

As a reader and an illustrator, I quickly fell into a trance while working on these. The research, the sketching, the COLORS. This project was magic. This pulled me in and I am so proud of how these turned out. These are a representation of a library that cares about their community. As a reader and illustrator, I am passionate about working with libraries to help them engage the community. 

What's your favorite design?


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