VenturePOP! Recap


I’m back from VenturePOP and am feeling all sorts of emotions (still). During the 4 days that I spent in New Orleans, I met great people and learned new skills!  

Here are 10 things that I learned throughout the weekend:

  1. Courage means managing fear.
  2. Everyone has their own definition of what it means to “Be Human.”
  3. Fear tells us that we need validation. We don’t need anyone's validation. We need to believe that we’re worthy of being believed in.
  4. We have to define our why to have clarity on where to go to grow.
  5. It’s OK to not know. Nobody knows what they’re doing these days.
  6. I can be whoever the fuck I want to be. Happiness is the compass, not the destination. 
  7. Find your strengths and lean in. 
  8. Fear offers opportunity for discovery and growth
  9. Always check in with yourself: Stop. Start. Continue. What will you start? What will you stop? What will you continue?
  10. Deciding to be a business owner gives you the freedom to live as a creative. 

Being a business owner is hard. 

It’s OK to feel the fear and tell it to fuck off so you can level up your business. 

It’s OK to change directions.

It’s OK to feel unsure.

It’s OK to just not know for a while. 


Breathe in and be you. You are a fabulous human being.


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