Success: What's on Social Media vs What's in Real Life

Success: What’s on Social Media vs What’s in Real Life

A comment that I receive a lot is:

Person: “You’re so successful! How do you do it!?”

Me: “Wait...what?” [Insert all the feelings on imposter syndrome and spiraling into a black hole.]

Here’s the thing - everyone has different versions of success. Posting online creates a fake reality that everything is rainbows and unicorns when it’s actually not. That’s fine, too, as long as you don’t believe that everything is great 100% of the time.

Subjectively. I’m not successful by any means but that’s by the standards that I’ve set for myself. Your standards may currently be where I’m at, and when you get there, it’ll be time to grow and set your sites higher. Success is an odd thing to talk about, because it means something to everyone, therefore the word itself holds no meaning at all. It holds the emotional weight that you’ve added to it, but ‘success’ itself means nothing.

I’ve been freelancing full time for a little over 3 years, and a few things that I’ve learned is that:

  1. There’s always going to be work. Of course, there are ebbs and flows, hills and valleys where you may be lying on the floor one day wondering why you decided to ever do this to yourself and if you’ll be homeless soon, but take a deep breath. Plan for these times read about how to manage your money and build up a cushion that you can lean back on in the ebbs and valleys of business. Because they’ll happen.

  2. Stay the course. It’s hard, trust me I know it’s hard. Staying the course means having confidence in yourself and having confidence in oneself can be the toughest thing to learn and implement. Confidence. Not that new course, new opt-in, new whatever you’re doing. CONFIDENCE.

  3. Show Up & Work Hard. This has been a consistent theme in everything that I’ve been able to do, and things that I’m planning on doing. Show up even when you don’t want to, when the day is tough or it’s raining outside and all you want to do is hide in a blanket. (No? Just me?) Even committing to an hour of work will help propel you forward.

Maybe by your standards, you view me as successful. It’s because I do these three things, as consistently as I can. There are bad days, really bad days, and days where I feel like I can conquer the world. This comes with running your own business, and if you are, being a creative. You feel things a little deeper, you’re a bit more curious and it’s easy to get off track. Take comfort in knowing that you, right now, are doing a great job and that someone looks to you as their version of success.


Have you ever sat down to define what success means to you? I challenge you to do it and write back to me about what it does look like for you. When you write it out, ask yourself “Is this too easy? Am I saying this because I know I can do it?” Your goals are supposed to scare you, that’s why they’ll always help you stay the course and show up to do the work. Take that passion and cultivate it into something big.

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