Graphic Recording by Just Curious LLC



- It supports the speakers
- Validates attendees
- Creates better decision making
- Creates memorability
- Increases comprehension
- Helps focus attendees on the ideas
- Promotes creativity
- It’s fun for everyone!
- And so much more

As a graphic facilitator, my goal is to always provide the best experience for the attendees as possible. The goal of each session is to distill the presentations concepts into a drawing that’s easy to follow and remember. It’s often a great way to engage attendees during a break to get them thinking more and to promote on social media as it’s used as a backdrop in photos too!


Recent Graphic Recordings Examples

How does it happen?


On our discovery call, we’ll discuss your expectations for a graphic facilitator and about the event so I can get a good sense of how the day would happen. As we continue on the call, we’ll go over how I work and what to expect from me.


After quote approval, you’ll receive a contract and an invoice for a 50% down payment that is due when signing the contract to secure your spot in my calendar.


Information is required to be sent to me (finalized or not) 10 days prior to a recording. This allows me to do my own research and build up a “visual toolbox” that I can pull from the day of. I work on building out layouts that would work best for the flow of the presentations, icons I can add in, different typographic styles, etc.

Space requirements for a graphic facilitator:

  • A sturdy wall to draw on. The paper used is thick enough that nothing will bleed through. The wall should not move or tilt.

  • Out of the way of the presenters.

  • Enough room to move around - I will be standing, crouching, reaching to fill up the entire drawing space available.


10 days prior, I’ll start researching more information on the event so that I understand the concepts being discussed and can better represent the ideas presented at the event. I’ll follow up with you if I need anything additional.


30-45 minutes prior to the event starting, I will need to set up in the room. If you are on the floor the day of, I’ll meet with you to check in and get any information that I may have missed and start warming up for the first presentation!

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