You're probably not sure how to use your brand.


You DIY’ed your logo and now you might be lost on how to implement it. You’re business is brand spanking new (or maybe you’re a few years in!) and you’re not sure what isn’t working. You’re posting on social media platforms, you’re producing content…but for some reason nobody recognizes you. What could really help would be to have a brand that’s recognizable across all platforms.

Let me help you make the visual side of your business a little clearer! 

In my intensive brand audit, I’ll be going over the visual aspects of your current brand to give you an idea of how to improve each part of your brand identity. We'll cover your logo, color usage, typography, how your brand is being implemented on social media, and more. On top of that, you'll receive a custom plan on how to implement what we discuss and best practices for moving forward. 


For $99, you’ll receive:

  • a 30 minute video call 
  • a brand audit, which will target your logo, color, typography, website graphics, and social media 
  • a one page PDF brand style guide that will help you streamline your brand moving forward. 
  • One week of support so if you have any questions after our call, I’m around to help you in any way I can!
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