Canton Public Library

Collaboration with Brittany Zellar-Holland with Two If By Sea Studios
Illustration by myself, Just Curious LLC
Design by Two If By Sea Studios


Strategic Map

At the end of January of this year, Brittany with Two If By Sea Studios contacted me to see if we could work with Laurie Golden at Canton Public Library together. Of course, this project was too good to pass up!

Not only that, but Laurie was fun to work with and I fell in love with the concepts behind what we were working on to accomplish. 


Canton Public Library was in the process of releasing their 2020 vision, their strategic plan to reach a bigger community by 2020. The base of this map was: the library can be with you, wherever you are in life. 

Whether you're in school, trying to ace a test, wanting to buy a house, grow your business, celebrate your community - the library is there. 

To me, this was a pretty incredible concept. We created a map with different sections: Lifestyle Park, Bright Fiture City, Village of Personal Growth, Arts & Entertainment District, and Connection Junction. Each section highlighted services that the library helps their community with. 


I've been a reader my entire life. As a teenager, I often spent weekends reading at least an entire book. It wasn't rare for me to get through 2-3 books a week. I LOVED it. Reading offered new worlds to me, it offered new ways of thinking, and it gave me a better understanding of the world as a whole.

This project meant a lot to me personally, because I wish I had known as a child what the library does in the community. As I was working on this, it delighted me to create this visual showcase of their services so that maybe a child in Canton can realize that the library can be anything they want it to be.  


From Laurie

"Brittany’s illustrations and design helped make our strategic plan communication piece engaging and accessible. She brought life and charm to potentially dry material and gave me plenty of material to use as we go forward with this campaign. Working with her is a pleasure—she’s professional, communicates well and meets deadlines."


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