Carrie Farrington

Branding by Just Curious LLC + Web Design by Liza Wilde Co

Carrie Farrington is a dream maker and a soul shaker. Once we first met, her fierceness shined through. I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with this incredible woman to empower her business, but to also partner with Liza Wilde on her website! 

"The dream life is not all unicorns and sparkles. It can be a struggle to live a life on purpose, to consciously make choices that support my values and my idea of success. But it is a struggle I embrace. Why? Because it is now my life. Now I wake up excited to see what life has to offer me. The pieces of the puzzle are finally fitting together. My life is built around my purpose. I am doing what I once told myself was impossible. I am living my dream life and I am here to help you do the same."





When working with Carrie, and having multiple calls with her to dive into the essence of her business and who she is, it was clear from the beginning that Carrie was a vibrant and strong woman who knew what she wanted. She was honest, said what she wanted to say, and didn't hold back. During our conversations, she explained her process with her clients and said "Sometimes they don't like me, I hold their feet to the fire because they need it." This is something that I came back to often while working on her branding, because not only were we branding her business, but we were essentially branding her as a person because she is her business. After doing my research and development, I wanted clean typography that was straight and to the point, a no bullshit kind of typeface. But, I wanted it to be slightly feminine to encompass her softness that she has to her process. 

Typography speaks for itself, so branding Carrie with purely a typographic mark took time to find the perfect typeface. It had to be a bold, soft, vibrant, but a timeless typeface. I wanted the mark to be recognizable and simple so that it could be applied to any situation.


Horizontal logo

While creating various versions of Carrie's logo, I created multiple secondary marks so that she could apply them to whichever situation she needed them for. Above is a horizontal logo that she can use for the times when a vertical logo won't fit. 


Icon / Favicon

Favicon's are tiny and need to be incredibly simple. Luckily, Carries logo and colors became memorable and easy to read. Above is the favicon, so if someone leaves a tab open and see's that mark, they know it's Carries site. 


secondary logo

Here is another secondary logo that is intended to be used for social media or stamps for her paperwork. 

Website Design

by Liza Wilde Co.


Brittany was so fun and easy to work with. She took the words I used and somehow turned that into an awesome logo. She was also receptive to feedback and had the entire project completed on time. And the business cards, hot damn!!
- Carrie