Cathy Reinking - How To Book Acting Jobs 3.0

From the early 1990's, Cathy has made waves in Hollywood with her raw and honest approach to how to actually booking acting jobs. With her success as a casting director and her first two books, Cathy knew she needed to create a third edition with the rise of streaming services and social media. There are more opportunities for actors than ever before, yet that's not what this book is solely about.

Cathy aimed to have a 'no bullshit approach' to communicating to readers on what they need to be the best they can be on stage. It's not a checklist or guide in any way, you won't find a "take this acting class by so and so" anywhere. But what you will find is support and guidance on how to be so completely yourself that the casting director can't help but to cast you.

With much research on the current acting novels that are on shelves and in stores, the final book cover design showcases the abstractness of an actors journey. The colors are chosen to match the big concepts Cathy writes about in the book, and a impactful cover that is designed to grab your eye.



Research & Strategy


Book Cover Design

This book is more like sitting down with a big-time Hollywood casting director who is glad to have coffee with you and has nowhere else in the world she would rather be than to share all the secrets that would have taken decades for you to learn through experience. I read Cathy Reinking’s book in one afternoon, with a highlighter, marking the parts that spoke to me the most. I bought copies for friends who aspire to become actors. This book is the real deal. It’s the “listen up, sister!” (or dude) that we all need. Ms. Reinking really gets to the heart of acting/auditioning, and her book is packed full of practical advice. If you want to be an actor, save yourself a lot of embarrassment and buy this book.
— Jennifer Houlihan, 5 star amazon review

Disrupt the shelf

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Solution:

The book cover design became completely open conceptually, but it was important to stick with similar colors but being particular about how they were being used. With her raw and honest writing, Just Curious improved the clarity of the book cover through visual hierarchy, an abstract design, and a meaningful color palette.

The Problem:

With her previous editions, she was finding that she wanted a book cover design that would truly communicate to viewers what the book was about in its essence. She felt the older designs were dated and lacking the spark that the writing has. She wanted to bring her book to life and make an impact.


Research & Prototyping

Researching the conceptual possibilities for Cathy included reading the rough draft of the book, feverishly taking notes, and creating an in-depth mood board. Just Curious wanted to be very intentional about what was being communicated on the cover.



Ideation Process

The ideation process required exploring a range of ideas and styles for Cathy and being able to tie it back into parts of her book. The abstractness of the cover lends itself for viewers to identify and connect with it in various ways, because it showcases the actors journey.