Electrify Your Winter at Canton Public Library


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Seasonal Affective Disorder hits us all here in Michigan in December and doesn't leave until April (if we're lucky). The sky is constantly gray, it's so cold you can feel the hairs in your nose, and it seems like it will never end. Winter is a tough time for all of us, we want to hibernate, and sometimes we have to because we get snowed in. Canton Public Library realized that there was still a way to reach their community, even if no one was leaving their home. Electrify Your Winter was born out of the idea that the library can seamlessly integrate with your life, anywhere you are. They make this happen by offering Facebook live events, offering live broadcasts of Story Time, and promoting access to their e-media and resources. Through these options, CPL is able to encourage patrons to still use the library, even if they want to stay in their PJs. 


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Social media is a huge part of our lives today, therefore with any brand, it's important to incorporate images that communicate effectively when they reach your audience. For CPL, I worked with Laurie to create an image that would represent the being snowed in feeling. This results in youths watching the snow outside and working online. 


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