About Fit Mama in 30:

Fit Mama is comprised of Cari & Bailey Oschman, two women who are passionate about educating new moms on how to live a realistic healthy lifestyle. They want to educate new moms what it means to live a healthy lifestyle while still having time and energy to have the family that they’ve created.

They have helped new moms all over the world learn and implement healthy habits so that they can live a happy life. Using their 30 Day Nutritional Program, they’ve completely changed their clients view of nutrition because they’ve created an easy to follow guide for busy moms.

The Problems

Cari & Bailey reached out to me for a few reasons: they wanted to rebrand their business to something that they could grow with. They also wanted to create a product that they could sell to give new clients a taste of their services.


unaligned brand

They lacked a brand that was consistent among all of their social media channels.

No introductory digital product

Nothing to offer potential clients as a mini-product to showcase their expertise.

No sales funnel

Without a sales funnel, they weren’t sure how to grow and make money in their business.

No launch strategy

Without a launch strategy, any product that they could sell wouldn’t reach their potential.


Fit Mama’s brand before Just Curious:


The Solutions:

As someone whose passionate about fitness, I absolutely loved what Fit Mama was all about and wanted to make sure I set them up for success, even after our work together was complete.

A clear brand message

We created an identity that was aligned with Fit Mamas mission and voice.

Complete rebrand

To communicate their message effectively, we did a complete rebrand to align their values and their visual brand.

Created a sales funnel

We created a sales funnel that was easy to implement and keep up to expand their reach and grow their business.

New introductory digital Product

We created a product that could generate passive income, but also generate new clients for years to come.

Working with Just Curious was one of the best decisions we have made as a new brand. We needed someone who could really help us talking through our branding strategy and make our ideas come to life. Not only are we extremely satisfied with our branding and logo, but we truly enjoyed the process.
— Cari Oschman

What we created together


Introductory Digital Product

[The introductory digital offer] is completely changing the way our clients view nutrition. The guide itself is laid out in a way that is easy to follow, visually appealing and easy to access since you can view it on all devices. Being able to click to the recipe/meal plan week by simple using the links in the table of contents is huge for busy moms.
— Cari Oschman

What’s next for Fit Mama?

A email sequence to get new subscribers to build interest in their business and to craft their story with their audience. Email marketing focuses on story telling - how can Fit Mama educate their audience, give advice to new moms who might not be able to afford them right now, and sell their products? Email marketing is the best tool to reach audiences on a regular basis. To make the most impact as possible, we would create a 3-5 day sequence, because newsletters are more likely to be opened in a 24-48 hour period.

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A branded template and a email strategy to sell a introductory digital offer online creates more long term success for any business. With Fit Mama, we would prioritize educating new moms and giving them the resources available to them to help make a change in their lives, and lead them to working with Cari & Bailey. Focusing on email marketing strategy puts any business in control of their income for years to come.

Are you ready to grow your business and make an impact?