Fit Mama in 30

the Solution:

A brand that communicates to a busy mom who is always on the go, the solution was to create a logo that communicated moving forward in all aspects of life. 

The Challenge:

Creating a brand that’s inclusive for all moms. Something that communicates growth.


story behind brand

Fit Mama in 30 is an online business that specializes in helping moms get fit after giving birth. They do this by telling their community and spreading the message that they are “Creating Fit Mama’s in 30 Minutes a day.” Cari & Bailey contacted me because they were set out to create an online community that encompasses ALL moms, so that they could create a support system and help these women get healthy!



final logo

As I researched the fitness industry and their competitors, it’s clear that there was a particular style that is followed. This is helpful because it created a base for where to start, but helped us grow the brand even more to make it unique. With this particular concept, I kept envisioning a new mom who is doing it all; she’s taking care of her new baby, maybe she’s cooking dinner, helping her other kids with their homework - she’s always on the go. I wanted to evoke movement with this concept. Whether it be physical, emotional, or mental, I wanted this to showcase the idea of “just keep moving forward.” Whether it be a small change here and there, movement is important. With Fit Mama’s recipes for a busy lifestyle, with the quick and dirty workouts, there’s a way to make it happen. 


Branding Collateral


From Cari:

Working with Just Curious was one of the best decisions we have made as a new brand.  We needed someone who could really help us talking through our branding strategy and make our ideas come to life.  Not only are we extremely satisfied with our branding and logo, but we truly enjoyed the process.