Fit Mama in 30 Nutrition Program E-Book



Cari & Bailey approached me to design their 30 Day Nutrition Program e-book that they would sell to their clients. Having worked together previously on their branding, I was thrilled to have the chance to build out their brand even more. Having an online business creates many opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their brand, grow their client base in different ways, and create multiple streams of income. One of the best ways to increase the amount of dedicated readers and future clients is to provide a taste of your services through the content you provide. Fit Mama decided to do exactly this with a 30 Day Nutrition Program. As I was designing it, (and as someone who enjoys working out and eating healthy), I found it full of incredible information. They explain how to have a healthy outlook when you have a hectic life, snack ideas, and meal ideas for 4 full weeks. When online businesses provide content like this, it's a great way to give people a taste of what you can really offer and trust you as an expert. 



Throughout the book, Cari & Bailey have information on how they live fit lives! They go over the main components of healthy living, accurate serving sizes, how to properly take measurements, and more.  


recipe pages

This book is full of amazing recipe ideas, they include 3 recipes a day for 4 entire weeks to help their clients get on the right track. They remove any questions about eating healthy and lay it all out. 


If you're looking for something to jumpstart a new health routine, make sure to grab their e-book.
It looks beautiful and has incredible content.