Fonts.Com Hero Image is an incredible website for designer to get top quality fonts. After contacting the amazing crew over there, I was able to create a hero image that will be displayed on their website when they release this font! As of February 2016, it's not on their website, but here is the illustration that I created for it. 

After seeing that the name of the font was Memphis, I knew that I had to create a hero image for it. After choosing Memphis, I dove into researching Memphis Tennessee, and what was at the heart of it. After researching for hours, I found the B.B.King had his own recording studio on Beale Street, called Blue's Boy Kingdom. After reading this information, the piece almost created itself. This was meant to highlight the beautiful music that came out of Memphis, and the creativity that it still embodies. 

I can't wait to see this up on their website, but for now, you can view their Hero Image Archive here