Glacier Cannabis

Brand Strategy & Identity Design

Andrew with Glacier Cannabis is committed to creating a quality cannabis product. Andrew reached out to me, excited about his new business adventure, and the more I learned about Glacier Cannabis, the more this concept fit the bill. 

Throughout all of our conversations, it was clear that the goal was to create a trustworthy and professional logo that communicated the quality and complexity of Glacier Cannabis. The brand had to communicate to clients who appreciate attention to detail and who enjoy the quality of their experience within the Michigan cannabis industry.  Creating a brand that would stand out among the Michigan cannabis industry was easy - but creating a lasting and memorable brand was what Andrew and I worked together on.  

Prior to starting any branding project, a questionnaire is sent so that I am able to dive into the background of a clients businesses so that I can thoroughly understand what they need. While reading through all of the information provided, Andrew answered my question: "What's the story behind your business name?" with this: The name "Glacier" comes from the name of the farm at which Glacier's cannabis is produced, Glacial Farms. Glacial Farms was named after its rolling hills in southeastern Michigan that are the result of the glaciers from the last ice age melting away and the glacial drift deposited. All Glacier cannabis is grown with locally-sourced glacial rock dust.

Pretty cool, right? The concept was then born.


Secondary elements

Secondary elements are another important part of any branding project. You have a logo, now what? How does that get implemented onto packaging? Social media? Website? You get the picture. With these secondary elements, Andrew and I were able to create a secondary logo for the scenarios that he needed them for. These elements bring in flexibility within the brand so that everything is on point at all times, but theres variance so that their logo will always look amazing. 


From Andrew

Brittany did amazing work and really got into the project. I appreciated her candid communication and ability to see multiple sides. She really worked with me in developing the brand image that I wanted and I would recommend her to anybody looking for a true artist who understands the business aspect of logo-making and branding.