Hippie Stitches

Ashley and I connected on through Instagram - she stumbled across the White Pines Branding that I had just posted, and immediately connected with me on my website. Our personalities instantly clicked, as we are both young and passionate entrepreneurs who have a desire to create for other passionate women. After hearing what Hippie Stitches was all about, her hopes, dreams, clientele; concepts started coming together quickly. 

"My mission and my message with Hippie Stitches is empowerment! I want girls to be able to put on my clothes and feel like they can take over the world, crush that workout or just feel sexy while out running errands! I want them to get a sense of bright light and love from it all! I want a mom to get one of my blankets as a gift and it be her favorite one! I want it to bring comfort, physically and mentally, to both her and the baby! I want her to know it's safe, comfy place for her baby to do all the snuggling and sleeping it needs to grow up and be what they've always dreamed off! I want her to know it was made with love and it will be a memory that can last a life! In the end, I want my products in general to convey a sense of pride, confidence, strength! "


With all projects, it's important to reach the goal and also make sure a client is happy with the final product. While working through the Hippie Stitches logotype (hand lettered by yours truly), we came to a point where I missed the mark on what the goal was supposed to be. As startling as it can be, that was an important and great moment for Ashley and I to reconnect and collaborate together more. We jumped onto a call so we could talk through what wasn't working, what was working, and we established goals for moving forward. With a few small tweaks, she was ready to go within a week. Things clicked after our conversation, and her branding started to become memorable and beautiful. 

The logotype was inspired by actual stitching - we wanted to replicate how someone would stitch this into a garment and have it flow into each other. This is a delicate logo, but it's strong and speaks to her clientele. In the end, we wanted "Inspire, Empower, Flourish" to be a feeling that women get from wearing her products, and that shines through with this branding. 

From Ashley:

Working with Brittany was a DREAM! She took the time to get to know me and my business, she was great with communication and the collaboration of both of our ideas was incredible! I now have a brand that I’m obsessed with and it will serve me for years to come! Brittany worked so hard to make my vision come to life and I’m beyond grateful for it!