Here’s How:

Discovery & Strategy

You know your business, you’ve poured over it for endless hours and you want to take the next step. As a brand strategist, I know the steps to take your idea and build it to make that impact. With a thoughtful strategy, we can build something beautiful that will make an impact.

Clarity & Design

As we’re building your visual brand, we’ll asses whether you need a email marketing strategy, social media graphics, creating a introductory digital download for your list, etc. Strategy is the foundation to build a visual brand off of and make it more impactful than it could be on its own.


Through the process, we’ll be able to create a strategy to launch your business. What we will collaborate on together will provide you with the clarity and confidence to launch your exciting business and start making the impact you seek in the world!

Working with Just Curious was one of the best decisions we have made as a new brand. We needed someone who could really help us talking through our branding strategy and make our ideas come to life. Not only are we extremely satisfied with our branding and logo, but we truly enjoyed the process.
— Cari Oschman, Fit Mama in 30

Are you ready to grow your business and make an impact?