Liza Wilde Co.


The Challenge

Create a brand for a business that is all about teaching women that they can be their own Wonder Woman while incorporating the feeling of living "Wilde."

The Solution

A brand that is vibrant, bold, fierce and committed to its core. 

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The first time I met Liza, I was so impressed and inspired by her. We met through a local coffee shop that connects people, and as we sat down to have a meeting and people are asking each other questions, Liza answered everything with confidence and knew how to communicate her web design thinking well. A few months passed and she reached out to me to work on her branding with her, and being so inspired by her, I obviously couldn't resist. 

At our initial brand kick off meeting, she had amazing ideas, she came prepared to answer any and all questions and she even had a mood board set up. Once we were done, it was clear that she wanted to evoke a strong & independent woman, she wanted it to feel powerful and vibrant, because that's who she is as a person. In this scenario, Liza is her business and her business is herself. She wanted to focus on creating websites for creative entrepreneurs who weren't quite sure how to make their web presence better, she wanted to (and still does) teach women how to code to empower them, so they could feel like Wonder Woman. 

We worked through logo concepts and the one above is what finally was chosen. When scaled down it's easy to read, the Wilde is memorable, and it's vibrant. The logo itself has a feeling of growth or lifting off to it, like it's leading you to your next adventure.

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Liza is now someone that I collaborate with regularly. She's been coding and building websites since she was 13 and she is the only one that I know who is right for a project. Check her out on my collaborators section, and reach out to her for your next web project.