The Challenge

Create a brand for an already established business without going with the obvious concepts. How do we make this unique and tie it to their vision?


The Solution

A unique & hand lettered logo that conveys that when they work with a client, they will steadily increase their metrics across the board. 



Hannah and I had met at the perfect time. I had reached out to them to see if they ever needed help with design, and within hours we were setting up a new meeting to discuss their new branding. 

Metric Marketing was previously known as Envision Marketing in Ann Arbor. As we spoke about the business, it was clear that Envision Marketing wasn't clearly encompassing what they offer to their clients. What became crystal clear as we brainstormed together was their unique service to their clients: no contracts are put in place, they act on trust and understanding with their clients. They explain how exactly they are going to increase their reach through social media to in return turn into revenue. 

It's pretty incredible. 


The concept for their branding was at the base of the M, that's where each client starts. By the time their done working together, they'll be at the top. This branding was meant to show the amount of growth that Metric brings to the table. Their dedication and knowledge is amazing. 

Client Welcome Kit