Romanica - MyFonts.Com


MyFonts is always a pleasure to work with. I reached out to Ryan at Monotype, and he sent over a list of typefaces that I could create a hero image for. "Romanica" stuck out to me, as I currently had a travel bug, and I started researching Rome. The more I read about it, the more sayings that I came across, I fell in love with all of the imagery. The architecture is exquisite, and I wanted to bring a piece of that in, and also match it with a calmness that all of the photos conveyed. "City of Love" was born out of the beautiful hills and scenery that Rome has to offer. I didn't want to do the typical illustration of Rome (the Colosseum or even the Trevi Fountain (although I started to!)) so I landed on this.  A blend of hills and beautiful, less-touristy travel spots.