Designer and Illustrator, Brittany Barnhart of Just Curious LLC

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Brittany Barnhart is a graphic designer, illustrator and owner of Just Curious. She loves collaborating with creative businesses who are strategic and thoughtful in their efforts to bring their brands to life. Together we'll work together to strategize what your brand is and where it's going so we can bring it to life. 


Do you have a business that needs more than just design? Just Curious partners with these 3 creatives to offer you a one stop shop. Together, we collaborate on projects that have branding & illustration, web design, animation, and photography needs. Gone are the days of having to find other creatives yourself, we've got you covered!


Web Design & Development

Studio Collaborator, Liza Wilde, Website design and development.

Liza Wilde

Liza a web designer and developer, who works with creative entrepreneurs to build fearlessly unique websites to showcase their brand.



Studio Collaborator, Collin Leix, animator.

Collin Leix

Collin is an illustrator & animator who loves working with forward-thinking businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to use thoughtful imagery and motion design to bring their idea to life in a memorable way.  



Studio collaborator, Heather Nash, photographer.

Heather Nash

Heather is formally educated in fine art photography. She loves working with clients who share a like-minded vision for creative and unique imagery.