Wildly Curious Co

Wildly Curious Co is a merging of Just Curious LLC and Liza Wilde Co LLC. While we will continue to work on certain projects within our own separate businesses, Wildly Curious has become the best of both worlds.

Brand Design | Website Development & Design | Marketing (Funnels, Social Media, Email Marketing)

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brand design process

If you’ve ever been curious about how a logo gets created digitally, the video above gives you a snapshot into manipulating a typeface to create the logo that becomes your brand.


Liza WIlde & Brittany Barnhart

Long time friends and now business partners, Liza and I have worked together in the past and realized that are talents are truly better together.

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 12.37.16 PM.png

Mood Board

Liza and I created a mood board for our branding - to communicate the color, feeling, and vibe of a business that we want.