Holiday Home Tour

Branding & Marketing Collateral for 2016 & 2017


The Holiday Home Tour has been one of the bigger events that the Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels has been putting on yearly for the last 21 years. Alison, Executive Director of YMOW, goes through an intense yearly process to make sure everything goes smoothly. Alison and I start working together in June (7 months prior to the stroll) to create all of the marketing material for that years events. Every year we work together on creating a save the date, invitation, sponsorship letters, Facebook cover photos, tickets, email signatures, yard signs, a booklet that lists all of the houses and sponsors, a newsletter, and thank you graphics. Every year that I work with Alison on this particular project, I'm always amazed at the amount of work that get's put into a one day stroll that raises a lot of money for the seniors in Ypsilanti. All of the proceeds go to benefit YMOW so they can offer more meals to seniors. 

Branded image above for social media usage.

2016 invitation

Above is the invitation for the 2016 Holiday Home Tour. This particular design made sense because we could maximize the amount of printing we were doing for cheaper, and using regular #9 envelopes so that that wouldn't be an extra cost as well. 


2016 Save the date

The 2016 Save the Date set the precedent for the invitation, keeping the design similar as well as the printing. 


2017 Save The Date